Win a free copy of Mystic Mine or a $19.95 Gift Card

Recently I added Koonsolo to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo. This way you can get our latest news straight from your favorite social media site.

Becoming a fan or following Koonsolo means a lot to us, so for those who support us that way, I’m going to offer something extra. Next month I’ll give away free copies of Mystic Mine. (Or if you already bought it from our website, a $19.95 Gift Card). A few winners will be picked out from those who are a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo. So make sure you subscribe before the deadline to secure your spot.

So don’t wait and subscribe now! Just click on the following links:


P.S.: I also got something special lined up for those who don’t win, but more on that later. Important thing now is to subscribe as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

3 thoughts on “Win a free copy of Mystic Mine or a $19.95 Gift Card


    OK! Ive got you friended on youtube, facebook and twitter! I hope it helps! I would love to win this game and give it to my dad. He loves using Ubuntu and our mom just passed away last year, so all these games cheer him up a little. I hope to get email updates from you as well. How can we sign up?


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