RPG Playground 0.15: Multiple levels

So, time for another RPG Playground release! This time I added functionality to create multiple levels. Although you can now create multiple levels or scenes, the hero cannot yet walk into them. But don’t worry, that’s planned for the next release. You might say that because of this, the functionality is not yet quite complete, which is true. But I wanted to release this anyway so you can already create the interiors of your houses.

So go try it at http://rpgplayground.com!

If you want to make your own RPG, go to http://rpgplayground.com and start creating! It’s super easy to use.

2 thoughts on “RPG Playground 0.15: Multiple levels

    • Yes, I might be able to load external mp3’s. So if you can place your songs online somewhere and provide the url in RPG Playground (still have to implement that though), then it should be fairly easy to do that.

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