How to make RPG’s

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to make your own RPG’s!

Most game developers I know have a game idea for a Role Playing Game. So I assume you do too. But making such a game is a huge task, plus, there are so many possible ways on how to make one. That’s why I’m writing a series of blog posts about the different paths you can take to create an RPG. This way you know what your options are, and which of those fit best with your situation.

As I see it, there are 3 mayor paths you can take to make an RPG:

  1. Do it all by yourself.
  2. Use an existing RPG framework and resources.
  3. Use an easy to use RPG creation tool.

I will highlight each of them in a separate blog post, starting from next week. So make sure you keep an eye on this blog, or even better, subscribe to our RSS feed!

2 thoughts on “How to make RPG’s

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