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Archive for September, 2009

Linux users show their love for indie game

September 14th, 2009 22 comments

When I released my indie game Mystic Mine, I had no idea if the Linux version was going to sell. But 7 months later, I must say the results are quite surprising.

Recently I got interviewed by Linux Gaming News about my indie game Mystic Mine, and one of the questions was how many Linux copies I sold. I looked into it and saw that I sell the most copies for Mac OS X, then for Linux, and the least for Windows. I didn’t make much of it, because as an indie game developer it’s easier to get noticed on Mac OS X or Linux than on Windows. And selling games is all about exposure. But after people started to ask questions on this, I looked further into it, and what I discovered really surprised me. Read more…

Free update for Mystic Mine available

September 2nd, 2009 No comments

Our game Mystic Mine has gotten some improvements, and we are making the update freely available. Here are the most important changes:

  • The multiplayer game now tracks the overall scores for all played levels. This means that you can organize a tournament with your friends, and at the end see who won the most games.
  • Mystic Mine is now running faster, so slower machines are now better supported.
  • The first levels of adventure mode are now even more fun.

If you bought the game and want to receive the latest version, just mail me at koen@koonsolo.com and I will reactivate your download. And for those who don’t have the full game yet,  play the new demo and have fun!

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