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Company Profile

Koonsolo is a small independent game development studio committed to create games that are original, amazing, and most of all, games that give you pure carefree fun. And with pure carefree fun we mean you will enjoy yourself straight away, without the need to break your brain on difficult puzzles or complex strategies.

It's important for us to have happy customers, so we provide them with high quality software, unlimited free support, an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee and a strict privacy policy. Koonsolo is a small company, so we treat everyone on a very personal level.

Our main goal? To live up to the following statement:

Play a Koonsolo game and you will be overjoyed with pure carefree fun.

Press & Reviews

Members of the press can always contact us for previews, reviews or interviews. We will be glad to provide you with a full-version review copy. You can mail us at .


If you want to distribute one of our games online or in retail, please contact us at .


Koonsolo was founded in 2006 by me, Koen Witters. It's a one man company, so the 'we' mentioned on the rest of the site is currently still a 'me'. As long as I can remember I have been creating games for fun, first it started out by inventing board games, and after playing Commodore 64 and those early arcade games, I was completely sold on this new form of entertainment. At the age of 14 I learned myself how to program, with only one goal in mind: to create computer games. As a teenager I worked on a lot of hobby game projects, especially during school holidays.

When I finally got my Master's degree in Computer Science, I started working as a professional game programmer at a game development company. Working as a game programmer is extremely fun, but the passion of creating my own original and exciting games never went away. So in 2006 I finally decided to start up my own company, Koonsolo. My main goal is to stay independent so I can create the unique and fun games I truly believe in, the games that you will enjoy.

All downloads are free of adware, spyware and viruses, and with every purchase comes an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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